Eliminate Assumptions With On Hold Messaging

Silence Isn’t Golden

How Saying Nothing Creates Assumptions

Miscommunications happen all the time. Whether it’s a text between friends, an email in the office, a conversation between colleagues, we all have miscommunications with others from time to time. This occurs because our brains cannot process all the information in front of us, so we take subconscious mental short-cuts and make assumptions. Those assumptions are typically formed by past experiences or other frames of reference.

Let’s take someone’s silence as an example. If you’re having a conversation with someone and you don’t hear anything back verbally or in written form your mind starts going with all the possibilities as to why you didn’t hear back. Often we assume that we did something wrong or that the other person is upset with us in some capacity. Typically, that assumption is incorrect and the most common reasoning for their lack of response is that the other person got busy or distracted. And while miscommunications can be cleared up after the fact, they can create negative feelings in the moment. We didn’t mean to upset someone but we inadvertently did so by letting negative assumptions, however unfounded or founded they may be, speak for us in our absence.

It seems obvious to respond to people and not give individuals “the silent treatment”. Tangentially, shouldn’t it be as equally obvious to not give this silence to our customers?

Most callers don’t assume that they’ve done something wrong when they hear silence, but they do make other assumptions. Let’s go thru a few different scenarios.

Jane calls Business A and asks a question about their product that is being repaired. They’re put on hold and they don’t hear anything, and in that silence they start assuming that the repair is incomplete or that their product isn’t salvageable. They start to panic.

John calls Business B and is disputing a credit card charge. They too are put on hold and hear silence. They’re frustrated as this is a serious issue for them and they feel like the businesses isn’t prioritizing their issue.

Jill calls Business C and is looking to make a reservation. As like the previous callers they are put on hold with silence. They were really excited about making the reservation, but their idea is starting to feel less hospitable and the business seems a bit more unfriendly.

Silence drives us to make assumptions, and assumptions are usually negative. On hold messaging not only provides your customers with information, new product information, or even a moment of entertainment, but it also eliminates silence. And by eliminating silence, you’ve eliminated assumptions. Instead of Jane, John or Jill letting their own mental short-cuts drive their perception of your business, you’re able to get back in the drivers seat and control how your business is viewed.

No one likes to receive the silent treatment, neither do your customers.

Hold On Now is about taking that silence and making it work for you. We eliminate the potential assumptions that arise from silence, we craft a message that’ll delight or inform your customers, and it becomes an entirely automated aspect of your business.

On hold messaging allows you to confidently put customers on hold and pick-up right where you left of once you get back to the phone, without any assumptions to worry about. It’s automated, consistent, and keeps you in control. Give us a call and let’s chat about eliminating assumptions and replacing them with opportunity.


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