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Let’s Find Your Sound

What does your business sound like? When we think about companies we typically think of logos, colors, and the products that are under that company. We less often think about the sound of the company. Right now, try to think what Nike would sound like. What about Starbucks? How about Google?

Some companies have created distinct sounds for themselves, but they are relatively few and far between. Nokia’s iconic chirp, AOL’s “You Got Mail” tagline, and the NBC Chimes are all examples of companies that we could recognize with our ears alone, but these are once a decade examples.

Sound is a powerful sense and can be instrumental in creating identity. If the purpose of a company identity is to enable customers to find and discovery our businesses easily, then incorporating sound makes sense. Succinctly put, sound gives your customers one more way to recognize your company. Furthermore, every second your customers are on hold, sound is the only sense they’ve got to connect with. Silence makes you forgettable, and the radio makes you boring.

Perhaps companies avoid seeking their trademark sound because it feels like too ambitious of an effort. With the expertise of Hold On Now at your service, we can help find your sound. We can source the music and help craft messaging that strikes all the right chords and helps deepen the connection your customer has with your business. This is an easy win.

As business owners, we put time and attention into our company image in an effort to be memorable and iconic. All of these efforts are intended to be evocative. Sound is one of the most, if not the most, evocation sense that we have available. In the same way that a cinematic score can set the right scene in a movie or how particular songs can transport you back to a moment of time, the sound your company emanates can do similar things. These sounds can stir emotions and position your customer in ways to be more receptive to your offerings or calmer when facing an issue.

We do our best to keep our storefront clean and smelling nicely to appease the sense of smell. We add artwork, lighting, and interesting visuals to appease the sense of sight. A restaurants entire goal is to provide food that appeases the sense of taste. Clothing or furniture stores will use fabrics to appease the sense of touch.

This is not to suggest that sound is entirely devoid from our businesses. There may be music playing, a salesperson could be using an approachable and soothing tone, or there may be other elements that have been infused with sound intended to make your customers happier. Let’s add on another aspect of sound to your business, but making sure when your customers are on-hold they are still hearing what you want them to hear.

On-hold messaging can be thought of as a way to alleviate the nuisance of being on hold, but we believe it is also a way to extend your company’s emotional connection with your customers. Whether or not you’ve got a trademark sound, introducing sound as another part of the customer experience can start with your on-hold messaging. It’s time to call Hold On Now and let us find your sound.


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