Craft entertaining on-hold content that works for your company, for your customer

In the world of waiting, every second counts. So, how long do callers usually hold? On average, we’re looking at a range of 10 to 20 minutes. Let’s break down the factors that make your on-hold experience a waiting game worth keeping callers holding.

Industry Vibes: Different strokes for different industries. Hold times groove to the rhythm of customer service demands, with some sectors having longer wait time than others. If hold times average 10-20 minutes you better do some serious on-hold entertaining, otherwise hang ups will occur. Hang ups is called failing.

Size Matters: Big players, big queues. Larger businesses often host grand call volumes, extending hold times. Small but mighty might have the upper hand on customer service thus having shorter hold times. Either way, boring silence will crush callers and they will hang up after 30 seconds.

Time Fluctuations: Hold tight, it’s peak hours! Expect longer hold times when the phone lines are ringing off the hook. Off-peak moments might offer a faster track to caller resolution. Either way, to keep callers holding the motto is entertain to retain.

Hold Hustle Efficiency: Businesses that focus on efficiency keep hold times short and sweet. Quick issue resolution and a well-oiled customer service keeps hold times short. High-five to this!

Service Savvy: The customer service maestros know the score. Prioritizing swift solutions and mastering the art of hold messaging and management keeps the average hold time in the sweet spot.

Hold On Now – every ring, every wait is a dance. Understanding the rhythm of average hold times empowers businesses to fine-tune their moves, delivering a customer experience that’s quick, efficient, and keeps the waiting game lively to capture holding revenue. Ready to put hold time to work for you? Great, let’s get started!