On-Hold Productions

Custom On Hold Messages treat every caller like they matter by sharing products, services, promoting events, seasonal solutions, and helpful tips to keep callers on hold longer which increases hold time 70% and revenue 20% streaming 24/7.


Our staff works with you to write 8-10+ hold messages to keep callers from hanging up and sell more of your products and services.
Nothing connects better with people than another person. You will love the variety of voices to connect your callers with your company.
Music keeps peoples feet tapping to the beat and make time on-hold fly by. You get to audition tracks of music to identify the best ones to light up your brand to mix into your productions.

Corwin Ford Spokane On Hold

Rentalex On Hold

Ruby River Hotel On Hold

Hearing is believing

Before Hold On now Vs After Hold On Now

Phone systems are built with rotobic audio that needs to be replaced otherwise callers are offended and will hang up and never call back. Listen to some before and after samples.


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